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Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Putri Dewi Silver has been engaged in providing a broad range of good quality silver. We provide the best quality silver jewelry and passionate design including necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, beadeds, and earrings directly from Balinese hand.

Putri Dewi silver is one of the well known jewellery shop in Bali which is located in Celuk. As we know Celuk has be known as the center of the gold and silver jewelry industry in Bali, its jewellery shop and for sure, with so many talented jewelers,too. No doubt, many visitors who comes from another countries willing to spent their times to come and see every single jewellery shop in this area.

Putri Dewi silver which established in 1998 for the first time and managered by I Nyoman Purna who was born as the generation of Pande. As a briefly historical, Pande generation is a religious generation in bali who always born as the jeweler. They are all alive to make a jewellery and also relationship with iron/steel stuff like kris, tombac, etc.

All our products are made from 92.5 sterling silver and individually handcrafted by our own highly skilled silversmith in Bali, Indonesia. The retail and wholesale Bali silver in this web site are handmade in Bali, a small island in the Indonesian, which is renowned for its artistic and cultural heritage.

Balinese artists are well known have perfected their skills. As a result, our products display quality technique and immense patience. Each design is carefully made with exquisite detail. Every silver dot is individually placed, every surface patterned by hand. Each bead is a work of art.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

92.5 Sterling silver
Price : IDR 125.000
Minimum order : 10 pairs

92.5 Sterling silver
Price : IDR 115.000
Minimum order : 10 pairs

92.5 Sterling silver
Price : IDR 150.000
Minimum order : 10 pairs

92.5 Sterling silver
Price : IDR 350.000/set
Minimum order : 2

92.5 Sterling silver
Price : IDR 225.000
Minimum order : 5 pcs

92.5 Sterling silver
Price : IDR 210.000
Minimum order : 5 pcs

92.5 Sterling silver
Price : IDR 14.000/gr
Minimum order : 5 pcs

92.5 Sterling silver
Price : IDR 325.000
Minimum order : 5 pcs

92.5 Sterling silver
Price : IDR 240.000
Minimum order : 5 pcs